S-G-S Produce is a full-service wholesale produce company located in the heart of the Los Angeles produce corridor. S-G-S Produce provides fresh produce daily to all segments of the food service industry from large supermarket chains small foodservice providers.

      S-G-S Produce was founded in 1907 as a "potatoe and onion" house. It now carries a full line of produce and perimeter items. S-G-S operates from two large state of the art downtown facilities occupying over 160,000 combined square feet. The company boasts a large fleet of delivery trucks and more than 100 long-term employees.

      The main offices of S-G-S Produce are located adjacent to our Decatur Street warehouse. Receiving and dispatching of certain items are also handled at our Perrino Place facility. S-G-S Produce selects and trains its warehouse employees with great care to ensure safety, efficiency, and accuracy. Weare proud of the average length of employment at S-G-S Produce, which is due to our commitment to employee relations, including full family health care and pension benefits.

      Both of our large warehouses boast technologically advanced refrigerated storage, dry storage and banana ripening facilities. S-G-S Produce experienced sales personnel take advantage of every buying opportunity to pass the savings on to our customers. Sometimes this involves filling our warehouses to a capacity of 200 loads of produce. Due to its highly competitive buying power, S-G-S Produce can always provide each and every customer with the highest quality produce even when a commodity may be in short supply.

      S-G-S Produce has a total of 31 receiving / dispatching docks. Both facilities are convenient to all major southern California highways and our receiving staff has been trained to accommodate the needs of all types of deliveries. Rail unloading doors (9) are available at both S-G-S Produce warehouses. Remote cameras throughout the facilities monitor security and safety procedures.

      S-G-S Produce strives to operate with state of the art technology. S-G-S Produce operates with real-time inventory systems. Each box is assigned a lot number and can be tracked back to the grower / shipper. Every customers profile is maintained to immediately access their buying preferences, including quality, prices, and promotions.

      S-G-S Produce has the advantage of almost 100 years experience in the produce business, while it has always been ahead of its time. Due to extraordinary leadership and a gifted, devoted staff, S-G-S Produce has solidified its unique niche in the marketplace.