Founded in 1907, S-G-S Produce is a tradition on the Los Angeles Produce Market. From its warehouse on the Ninth Street City Market, it grew from a small horse and buggy operation to the booming, professional business that it is today. Symbolic of the growth is the move to the state-of-the-art S-G-S facilities at 739 Decatur Street, within walking distance of the LA Wholesale Market.

Pictures From the Past

      Morrie Shandler himself is a tradition in the produce industry. His knowledge of all aspects of growing, handling, and marketing fruits and vegetables is legendary, as is his friendly personality, and continual commitment to helping people with offered advice or assistance. Morrie still does it the old-fashioned way; with hard work and trust in the value of a handshake.

      Carole Shandler, the current president of S-G-S Produce, is an experienced agricultural attorney and businessperson. Her commitment to S-G-S Produce, its vendors, customers and employees, as well as to the community in general, is a legend in the making. Carole is carrying the vision of S-G-S Produce to new arenas and her energy, competence, and professionalism are apparent to all.

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